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Terrot HST 1930 350cc One Cylinder


This Terrot is a nice and complete restoration project. The Terrot motorcycle story was borne out of a partnership between Charles Terrot and Wilhelm Stucklen, who opened a machinery factory in Germany in 1862. By 1887 the company had expanded, opening a new factory in Dijon, France (a future home of the French Grand Prix).

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

In 1902 Terrot produced its first motorcycle at the Dijon factory and went on to produce a range of single-cylinder bikes with externally-sourced engines.

A twin-cylinder bike followed in 1905, and Terrot went on to produce 500cc bikes for the French army in World War One. From 1926 Terrot added a four-stroke engine of its own design and expanded its range, with French racing championships in the early 1930s demonstrating their capabilities.


After again supplying bikes for the French World War Two effort, Terrot was bought out by Peugeot in 1958. By 1961, production at the Dijon factory had been wound up. Today, the Terrot brand is remembered for forming a key part of French motorcycling history.