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Nimbus One 3-wheeled Fully-Enclosed Electric Vehicle


The Nimbus One is a fully electric vehicle, and is built with fewer production materials resulting in less pollution during manufacturing.The thin, pod-like vehicle is only about 2.75 feet wide and 7.5 feet long.

source/image: Nimbus EV

The vehicle also tilts, like a motorbike or scooter would, due to Nimbus’s proprietary tilting technology.The Nimbus One features two removable batteries that can charge with an at-home plug or using a more traditional EV charger that is situated in the front of the pod.

The pod can hold up to two people and when the back seat is not being used for a passenger, there is plenty of room for groceries or other items.


With a 9 kWh battery pack, top up the Nimbus One’s charge in 5.4 hours by plugging into a simple household outlet.Go from 0-30mph in 3 seconds. With a body as narrow as a motorcycle, the Nimbus One makes it easier to navigate through traffic and faster to park.

With front airbags, ABS, ADAS, and more, the Nimbus One offers the safety features of a car.In addition to an estimated 370MPGe in the city, the manufacturing of the Nimbus One uses fewer materials and batteries without compromising function or range.