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Niryo One 6 Axis Robotic Arm for Makers, Developers and Students


Niryo One is a 3D printed accessible 6 axis robotic arm, powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Robot Operating System.You can use it at work, at home at school. Niryo One is perfect to learn/teach robotics, and reproduce industrial use cases.

source/image(PrtSc): Niryo

With 6 axis, you can draw on a vertical board, or any non horizontal surface. In reality, the things you want to pick with your robot are not always on a flat surface, and on the ground. This is a huge limitation, but not for Niryo One.

Most industrial robots (in car factories, for example) are 6 axis robotic arms, because they are the most efficient robots known for now. Having a six axis robotic arm, you can easily reproduce industrial use-cases, without having to sell your house or your car !


With the web and mobile interface you can modify a sequence of commands : change the order, add one step, modify values… You can also modify a lot of parameters on the robots, to get the most of it for each use case. Niryo One will be connected to your home using Wi-Fi. That means that you can control it wirelessly and from any part of your home.You can pre-order the robot on Kickstarter.