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Nobe 100 Test Driving In The Snow 2019 – 3 Wheel Electric Car

The Nobe 100 is a revolutionary modern classic, which is both beautiful to behold as well as incredibly practical. There is room, speed and range for all your daily needs. Passengers are kept safe by a racing car grade Delta Frame cage.

source/image: mynobe

The Tripulse drive system gives Nobe incredible traction and stability, in all conditions. Electric motors are emissions free and sustainability is guaranteed by having every piece upgradable.

source/image: mynobe

The three-wheel, all-wheel drive EV is a feat of engineering and design thinking. Designed with the vintage sports car in mind, it is a vehicle to make you stop and stare, and a timeless classic for the future of driving.


With top speed of 130 km/h and a maximum 72 kw power, Nobe satisfies the needs of driving enthusiasts and is specially designed with superior grip and 3-wheel drive control for safety in all conditions. With a battery range of up to distances of 260 km, drivers needn’t worry about staying close to home, come rain, snow or shine.

Nobe 100 may look a bit like a toy but it’s a lot more than that: It could be a hobby or a second or third family car, but it also tackles the urban environment and everyday challenges with remarkable ease. Great acceleration, agility, and it’s easy to park – what more could you want from a city car? Plus, its big wheels and all wheel drive makes it a real ATV = ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE.