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NOVUS One Handmade Full Carbon Fiber Electric Motorcycle


It is the first motorcycle with a handmade full carbon fiber monocoque frame.As industrial designers we didt´t just want to build just another electric motorcycle. We wanted to creat something extraordinay.

source/image(PrtSc): NOVUS

Something outstanding and truly unique. Something that feels like it came straight from the future. A sculpture on wheels. Beauty in perfect harmony with technology and performance.

NOVUS is more than a motorcycle.It is a piece of art on wheels, perfect craftsmanship and the conviction that a bike can look totally different, if you are willing to question everything.


Its revolutionary new design is inspired by both, motorcycles and bicycles. All main components, even the rims, are made exclusively from carbon fiber. With a total weight of only 75kg and up to 24hp, it has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

The specially developed carbon fiber rims in rotor design are an important part of our consistent lightweight construction approach and simply look cool.The small but powerful headlight is nicely integrated in our handlebars.With the headlight from Supernova you are safe on the road even in difficult conditions.via/read more: novusbike

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