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RC Su27 Vector Thrusted Double Turbine Model Jet Airplane


The SU-27 is one of the most impressive fighter jet aircraft ever built. CARF-Models have agreed with a widely popular customer opinion that the 2-seater version is even more impressive, both in terms of beauty and flight performance.

source/image(PrtSc): RCHeliJet

The impressive size of 2.2 m wingspan and 3.2 m length will result in an aircraft just below the 25 kg limit, powered by 2 Jet Cat P-100 RX 100 – 140 N engines.

The weight conscious builder will always opt for the 100N engines, which are totally sufficient for impressive aerobatic performance at great fuel economy. Of course the aircraft is fully detailed with rivets, hatches, panel lines, screw heads and more.


All parts are composite, painted in the molds and fully functional in all scale aspects. Leading edge slats, flaps and speed brake door are readily hinged. Enjoy this very agil Su27 RC vector thrusted double Turbine Model Jet by Martin.S.// RCHeliJet

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