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NOVUS One Premium Lightweight Electric Motorcycle


When we were young, we all dreamed of the future. At NOVUS we are building something that finally looks like the future.NOVUS is more than a motorcycle.It is a piece of art on wheels, perfect craftsmanship and the conviction that a bike can look totally different, if you are willing to question everything.

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Its revolutionary new design is inspired by both, motorcycles and bicycles. All main components, even the rims, are made exclusively from carbon fiber. With a total weight of only 75kg and up to 24hp, it has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

The frame is a closed, three-dimensional fiber composite component. The bike is equiped with specially developed carbon fiber rims in rotor design are an important part of our consistent lightweight construction approach and simply look cool.


The brushless hub motor transforms the energy of the high-voltage battery into a top speed of 60 mp/h. With a peak power of up to 14 kW, the 200 Nm of torque are converted into forward movement. Wear parts such as chain and clutch are not necessary.NOVUS One is now available for pre-orders at novusbike.

VIANOVUS premium electric motorbikes
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