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OC Robotics New X50 Mobile Snake-Arm Robot

OC Robotics are world leaders in confined space automation – our snake-arm robots are designed specifically for remote handling operations within confined or hazardous spaces. Where snake-arm robots excel is in their long, slender and flexible design; they can effortlessly fit through small openings and around obstacles.

source/image(PrtSc): OCRobotics

The 1.5m arm is mounted on an untethered, omnidirectional vehicle, giving it the freedom to explore complex structures that a conventional robot could not.Powered directly from the vehicle and controlled over Wi-Fi, the snake-arm robot will have a range of tools mounted at the tip.

They do not have prominent elbows that potentially snag or cause damage to sensitive equipment and they are easily manoeuvred into position and retracted back without disturbing their environment.


Driven by wire ropes, and controlled by OC Roboticsā€™ proprietary software, snake-arm robots are able to traverse cluttered environments and conduct activities such as inspection, fastening and cleaning when integrated with off-the-shelf or custom design tools.