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Oil Journey In a 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine 3D Animation


Most modern motorcycles and scooters nowadays contain a 4-stroke engine because of the fuel economy and environmentally friendliness..The oil that keeps today’s four-stroke motorcycles running smoothly requires the same capability to go more places and do more things to effectively lubricate cool clean and protect the engine clutch and gears the oil must pass through numerous small openings and pathways with exceptionally tight tolerances any excessive friction or overheating can quickly become problematic.

source/image(PrtSc): Lubrizol Additives 360

For multiple systems therefore in this extremely challenging environment it is critical to use an oil specially engineered for motorcycles for optimal performance and complete circulation a dedicated motorcycle oil is a must the oils journey begins upon starting the motorcycle when an ingenious combination of a pump strategically located channels well-placed openings and basic splash lubrication systems.The lubricant journey in a 4-stroke motorcycle engine, highlighting the importance of a balanced lubricant formulation to cool, clean, and protect the engine, clutch and gears.

All work simultaneously to move the oil methodically from one point to another inside the housing the oil pump is the heart of the system drawing the lubricant up from the sump at the base of the housing and delivering it to the engine subjected to extreme operating temperatures the engine requires an oil that can absorb and carry away the extreme heat generated by the engine components.


The engine oil also must provide lubrication critical for the functionand protection of the metal to metal sliding contacts in the clutch the oils versatility is tested even more while cooling remains a key function to prevent overheating the lubricant must also allow for the right amount of friction between the dates and discs for the mechanism to function properly when engaged that same oil also circulates through the gears.//Lubrizol Additives 360

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