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Omega 1 160Hp On 30 Pounds Engine


In this video we analyze the powerful Omega 1 engine that weighs only 30 pounds and generates more than 160HP. Something really interesting.It also hits 25,000 RPM and has an idle of 1,000 RPM.At only 38 lbs, the Astron Omega one is expected to produce 160hp and 170 ft-lbs of torque.

source.image: astronaerospace

In an era of rising fuel costs and push toward electric or zero-emissions vehicles, the Astron Omega One family of engines stand ready to meet the needs of many DoD requirements.The intake air is compressed and travels through a rotary valve to a pre-chamber between the rotors, where fuel is injected, and when it enters the power side rotor, it ignites, driving the rotor, and then leaves through the exhaust port.

They recommend using hydrogen as a fuel for the engine, and the emissions will be nearly negligible.Astron’s Omega 1 has unmatched efficiency, extremely low to ZERO HARMFUL EMISSIONS, unrivaled power to weight ratio, and is the ultimate range extender. The Omega 1’s purpose is to change the world we live in for the better.The Omega 1 engine is the first engine with an active linear power transfer.


As the Omega 1 engine rotates, all the power is transferred through the single rotating power shaft. There are no offset crankshafts, no reciprocating pistons, and no eccentric shaft (as in a Wankel rotary engine).The Omega 1 engine will change the world for the better by providing a new, smaller, more powerful engine while using much less fuel.