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One Of a Kind Electric Bar Stool,Toolbox & Tandem Wheels

We’ve all seen the bar stool carts popping wheelies or racing for that matter. Now this owner took it in a different direction with a little ingenuity and imagination!

source/image(PrtSc): victoryredcolorado

This stool cart doubles as a pit cart for at the drag strip bringing a full chest of tools when your in the staging lane or on the track and are in need of a wrench and your pitted a mile away.

Still under construction this electric cart is a one off with more ideas to come.For some reason or another, the bar stool is a common starting point for building a little miniature hot rod.People like to take them and stuff engines behind them, creating small cruisers that might be good for getting you around the pits.


Not only does a stool act as a sort of go-cart to get around with but it also plays the role of a tool carrier as well, strapping a toolbox on the back to raise that utility factor, allowing the machine to tow around some of the things that you might need on race day.