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One Second Fold-In Reverse 3-Wheel E-Bike


Afreda S6 is the world’s first, most convenient, and safest folding 3-wheel E-bike. It’s powerful, conspicuous, and safe to ride because of its unique design- Reverse Three-Wheel Structure. It can even fold up and unfold by one step for just one second!Fold and Spread Afreda S6 JUST by 1 step in 1 second!

image: afreda

It can be pulled like a suitcase and without taking up too much space.It can be put into the trunk of the sedan. You can take it into the elevator, by subway, or anywhere!Afreda can maintain a maximum 40-degree side deviation without falling, which ensures safety and stability even when cornering at high speed or in small turning radius situations.

image: afreda

The 2 front wheels have a maximum vertical swing of more than 11 inches, so it has superior shock absorption and easily crosses obstacles. It is stable and adaptable to any road conditions.The Suspension Structure can move freely both horizontally and vertically that fully shows its superior shock absorption and flexibility.


Self-Balancing Mode is for beginners, the elderly, and kids. The Suspension Structure will maintaining a stable position of the rectangular state. Afreda S6 has two exclusive batteries, the range is up to 60KM.

Two batteries can also be charged separately at the same time, which also shortens half of the time it takes to fully charge.The rear wheel incorporates a brushless hub motor, which is a 250-watt model for European Union countries, and a 500-watt version for North America.

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