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Onycho Correct – Reshape Your Ingrown Toenail/Toenail Repair Fixer


Ingrown nails are today’s very common and painful problem with which meet all age groups in both men and women. Most often it occurs as a result of improper nail cutting in combination with wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.This becomes painful and may cause infection in long run. General method to treat them at home or at hospitals is to just cut down the ingrown edges to get relief.

source/image: United Labs

However there are many tools which allows us to correct the ingrown nail too. The Onycho Correct can lift up the nails and bring them back to their normal place. This is a profession nail correction tool which has been proved to very effective for nail correction.

In this video a lady slides the brace’s ‘arms’ under the nail at each side.Then, she twists the crank to raise the edges of the nails so they no longer cut into the flesh; a stomach-churning sight to watch.Next, the foot is put into warm water for around 20 minutes. This is to soften the nail, the gadget’s makers say.


It can be used by one hand to hold the middle fulcrum of the tool and then with other hand we will twist the nut to fix the tool on the toenail. It is great for nail disinfection. It can be used for all the toenails based on the size of the base. The little plastic bids provided are of varying sized to be used for nail of any length.

VIA United Labs
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