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Origami Inspired High-load Capacity Transformable Wheels Concept


SNU x Hankook Tire x EMVcon.Tire technology continues to evolve,a development history of a high-load capacity origami transformable wheel. The composite membrane origami enables high payload transformable wheels for a passenger vehicle.Published in AAAS Science Robotics.

source/image(PrtSC): SNU BioRobotics Lab

The wheels are a three-layer construction based on a thick, flexible composite membrane made rigid with sandwiched, laser-cut aluminum facet panels designed to fold along similar lines to an origami waterbomb.

The wheels can vary their diameter from 46 to 80 cm,in their natural state, the wheels are collapsed and small. when squeezed horizontally, they fold up to their maximum diameter.


The wheel can transform in motion and that it can now carry as much as 1,019 kg of weight on top of the platform.Origami wheels similar to this one are not new, but these past designs weren’t very good at actually carrying loads during the transition process.