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Oscar de Kiefte Wind Turbine Car Concept

Oscar de Kiefte sees unfinished work where others see products. He’s reworked the conventional auto with his Wind Turbine Car, backwards Porsche, plastic Citroen, ShipShapedCar, Anti Radar Car, Square Car, Flat Car, Upside Down Car. His refashioning of the bicycle includes the Fat Tube Bike, Sheetmetal bike, Wind Turbine Bike, Intercity bike and the Fiat Bike.

source/image: Kirsten Dirksen

The Wind Turbine Car Wind Turbine Car is a vehicle which uses the wind power at the front of the car. There is a relation between the air resistance and the wind power which has to be generated, regardless of the speed (E=mv2). In short, a wind turbine which is 1/3 the size of the vehicle can neutralize the air resistance completely.

source/image: oskardekiefte

The principle can work even better. It is imaginable that the air in the turbine accumulates and causes an overpressure. This stagnates the flow of air and the effects of the turbine. To prevent this stagnation, de Kiefte used Fan Shaped Wheels to create a vacuum force. This principle can be compared with the operation of a TWECS-turbine which gets 200% efficiency from the wind.


A car is parked approximately 22 hours a day. When the Wind Turbine Car is parked, the turbine is placed in a way that it charges the batteries, regardless of the wind direction. This means that the car is completely self-supporting.source/read more: oskardekiefte

De Kiefte has worked together with another exhibitor, Frits van Breemen Schneider. Van Breemen Schneider develops airplanes and electronics. He changed the principle of the electric motor and he invented a small, light and very high efficient electric motor, used for cars. The engine with gearbox gets his release at the 2010 Beijing Autoshow right now. Van Breemen Schneider will build this 600 V-system into the Wind Turbine Car.