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Oscillating Fan Working Principles 3D Animation


That table top fan you have next to you is more interesting than you think! I took mine apart so I could show you how it works. The “four speed mechanism” releases any other button that was previously pressed down.

source/image: Jared Owen

Once a button is pressed a signal (voltage) is sent to the motor at the top of the fan. The oscillation motion is produced through the 4 bar mechanism. The last part of the video covers the gears that turn the 4 bar mechanism. Jared Owen

The pin is part of the gears – when it is lifted the gears don’t connect and the fan will no longer oscillate back and forth.3D animator Jared Owens virtually dismantled an oscillating fan to see how it works.


Every piece of the fan was removed and examined to show how each part and mechanism cooperates with others to create a nice cool turning breeze when requested. Most oscillating fans are best placed strategically in a corner of a room, as from this position they can spread the air out across the greatest area.