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PAL-V Liberty Street-Legal Fying Car


What does it feel like owning a PAL-V Liberty flying car? For this journey, we start at home, the place where every journey begins. From there we hit the roads, driving the Liberty to a nearby airstrip. Here the fun really starts, converting your vehicle from car to gyroplane.

image: PAL-V

Unfold the tail, rotor, propellor, and within a few minutes, your car is transformed into a gyroplane and ready to hit the skies! With a 500km range, what would your destination be?

PAL-V has 2 different versions, the Liberty Sport and the Liberty Pioneer. The Sport edition is the base model. The Pioneer edition is the limited edition model. This model will be delivered prior to any other version and includes all available options. Sport prices were expected to start from €300,000 and the Pioneer edition will be €500,000.


The Pal-V Liberty is a Flying Car for 2 passengers with a 100HP engine, an incredible range of 1315 km in driving mode and between 400 km and 500 km in flight-mode. It is certified as an automobile. It takes between five to 10 minutes to switch from driving to flying mode and vice versa. There are two separate engines, one for flight and one for the car mode.