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Pantala Concept H eVTOL Aerial Vehicle


PANTALA Concept H is an electric vertical take-off and landing manned aircraft. This aircraft adheres to a design concept: “Use design, experience and technology to create a sustainable future for human transportation.”

source/image(PrtSc): Pantuo Aviation

The large-diameter, distributed electric propulsion duct fan replaces the open propellers of traditional helicopters and the common multi-rotor configuration eVTOL, providing sufficient thrust for take-off, landing and cruising, reducing operating noise, and bringing higher safety to passengers grade.

The innovative tilting wing propulsion system allows the aircraft to switch flight modes more accurately and conveniently. Efficient comprehensive aerodynamic design realizes high-speed cruise and ultra-long range.


The spacious, open and streamlined cabin design has a passenger experience beyond luxury cars; the advanced human-computer interaction interface in the cockpit simplifies the flight operation and reduces the difficulty of driving.There are no performance specifications, information about the number of seats to be executed, and where Pantuo Aviation is as a company or where plans are,this could be a college design project as easily as a new eVTOL startup.via/read more: Pantuo Aviation

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