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Perfect Tiny Home For A Woman And Her Dogs


This week, we meet an inspiring Dutch woman who has built a charming and beautiful tiny home for her and her three dogs in New Zealand. Every now and then you find a home which has been perfectly crafted to meet someones needs and this is one of those places.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Matilda’s tiny house on wheels is wonderfully constructed using mainly reclaimed materials and is filled with wonderful artwork and creative flair. This is a home which may be tiny, but has a big heart!

From the lovely reclaimed rimu timber to all the artwork and native bird features throughout, this is a place which is designed to really make Matilda feel at home. Many of her friends have contributed lovely works of art to add to her home, including a beautiful koru and kōwhai stained glass window which fills the home with colour and light.


Everything in this home has been designed to ensure that both Matilda and her dogs are comfortable. Matilda even has a second, matching, super tiny house which she and her dogs use as a camper when they away traveling or at dog agility shows, giving her the perfect set-up to match her lifestyle.

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