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Permanent Magnet Motor Using Magnetic Repulsion


Understand in an easy way why such a magnetic motor does not generate free energy and is no perpetual motion generator, so that you can easily explain it to others – using my gravity model method.Roller that spin forever with free energy are still a very convincing power generator.

source.image: yWild

The magnets are arranged to drive the reel, making sustained spinning easy.Just watch this video and you will understand for sure, why this great machine is not able to work.

Let’s first look at the device itself. It consists of a rotatably mounted plastic cylinder in which magnets are set at regular intervals. f you look closely, the rows of magnets that are attached to the roller overlap.


This is intended to allow or facilitate the transition from one magnetic loop to the next.On the side of the reel is a stand with a very large magnet attached to it.What happens when the very large magnet attached to the side is pushed closer to the roller?Have a look.