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Phoenix V4 220cc Home Made Tiny Engine Powers RC Airplane


There are model builders who like to build. And then there are model builders who don’t just like to build – they prefer to build things that they have designed and constructed themselves.

source/image(PrtSc): RCScaleAirplanes

Detlef Kunkel is a representative of this species, his recently conceived and built object is a four-cylinder V-engine with 220 cc capacity, which he gave the name Phoenix. And that is simply awesome!

Detlef Kunkel presenting his home made engine at the Warbird Meeting Oberhausen 2017 The engine is a V4 construction 4 cylinder 4 stroke with 220 cc with a transmission reduction of 1.7. The shaft power is 25 hp max.


Designed for model aircraft between 30 and 50 kg take-off weight. Prop is a SEP 35-20 three-blade with 3700 – 3800 revolutions.The aircraft was built specifically for this engine testing. It is an approved highdecker with 41 kg take-off weight. The engine cover has been dismantled for test purposes.//RCScaleAirplanes