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Praga Bohema 3.8l TT V6 Hypercar First Drive


This is the brand new Praga Bohema, and everything you want to know about it! Praga’s epic new hypercar has arrived, and as well as a full first look, join me for a first drive at the Slovakiaring, a run on the road, plus hot laps with Romain Grosjean on track. What a jaw dropping machine!

source/image: Shmee150 

It’s not every day that you get to not only take a first ever walkaround of a brand new car as it is introduced, but also experience it in anger for a full understanding of what it’s all about. Praga have established quite the reputation from their race cars and after the concept study R1R of recent years, the Bohema is now a full production model limited to 89 units.

Named after the region of Bohemia, with Praga coming from Czechia, hence the Prague connection, it’s a car designed to offer the ultimate in track performance. The reason for 89 units links to it being 89 years since Praga were kicked out of a motorsport event for being too dominant. It’s powered by a 3.8l TT V6 sourced from Nismo, it produces 700 horsepower, while weighing only 975kgs; a remarkable power to weight ratio.


After exploring the new car in detail in the pit lane, it will be time for a drive a first drive on the Slovakiaring to warm into it. Next is hopping on board with Josef Kral for a run on the road to get a completely different impression of what the Praga Bohema can offer, before returning to the track for some laps with none other than Romain Grosjean.