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Pulling a Stump Using a Truck and Mechanical Advantage

The necessary pieces for this are quite simple. A heavy duty nylon tow strap connects to the truck. At the other end of the strap is a somewhat long piece of chain that attaches to the stump puller.

image/text credit: Sam Haraldson

The pulling device is built from the ground up like this: A log, split lengthwise in half forms the two bottom pieces that the device pivots on the ground over. Spiked to those are two 6″x6″ posts that are held together by nuts on the outside of a very long, threaded bolt.

At the top holding the posts together is a steel plate that has a 2″ square tube welded to it. A “v” notch is cut into the top of the square tube and this is where the chain from the tow strap gets wedged.


The pulling device works best when it’s in a vertical position so as the truck moves forward and pulls the stump out a little bit the chain needs to be loosened from the notch, the device stood back up vertically and the chain re-positioned. As you can see in the video we pulled and re-set the device multiple times while pulling this stump out.