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Pulse #73 Airplane-Shaped Honda Powered Car


Pulse #73 has the Honda 750 water-cooled Honda engine with gear shifter on side of steering wheel.The cockpit can fit two people in a tandem seating position, and comes equipped with air conditioning and even a radio. Top speed was a claimed 130 mph.

Adam Wilkins/image(PrtSc): Adam Wilkins

The frame of the vehicle is constructed of welded steel tubing, which in turn is fitted into the fuselage “shell.” Steering is accomplished with a standard size wheel with a red PULSE logo in the center.

The suspension is basically comprised of air shock absorbers mounted on rear and specially designed spring-over front shocks. The front tire is a 13″ automotive tire. The outrigger tires are smaller 8″ trailer tires. Brakes are located on the main wheels and are hydraulic disc giving the PULSE exceptionally short braking distances.


The driver of the PULSE does not lean into a turn as with a motorcycle or aircraft, but instead to the outside of the turn as you would expect in an automobile. This is most easily demonstrated in a low speed turn. At high speeds, such as when changing lanes, the PULSE seems simply to move sideways with almost no tilt at all.

VIAAdam Wilkins
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