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Putting a Flag in a Vacuum Chamber To See If Flags Can Wave On The Moon

When astronauts landed on the moon and planted the American flag, it fluttered. Conspiracy theorists cried foul. Here comes the science.

source/image: The Action Lab

In this video I put a flag in my vacuum chamber to see if flags can flutter or wave in a vacuum. I talk about the moon landing and show the footage of the astronauts putting the flag up.

The flag appears to move and flutter seemingly in the wind. Can a flag wave in a vacuum? Watch this video to figure out why or why a flag waves in a vacuum like space.



If you watch the Apollo footage you find that when the flag “flutters” and it continues to oscillate stiffly and unnaturally for quite a while, differently from a flag on Earth, which changes shape and comes to a standstill almost immediately. This unusual and persistent oscillation is possible because the flag is moving in an airless environment, without encountering any air resistance.