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Pyka Pelican Cargo Large Autonomous Electric Cargo UAS


California-based Pyka has revealed the world’s largest electric cargo aircraft and the first autonomous vehicle of its class, the Pelican Cargo drone.

source/image: flypyka

Today we are proud to announce the unveiling of Pelican Cargo, Pyka’s largest autonomous electric aircraft yet and the first zero-emission commercial cargo UAS of its kind.

source/image: Pyka

Built on Pyka’s revolutionary autonomous electric flight engine, the Pelican Cargo features extended range, increased payload capacity, and maximized cargo volume, for best in class last-mile air cargo.


Pelican Cargo is powered with a redundant power system, which includes four 100kW electric motors and three batteries and its airframe and structural components are made of carbon fiber composite parts, the range of the airplane is 200 miles.

With a range of up to 200 miles, a payload of up to 400 pounds in 66 cubic feet of cargo volume, and a nose-loading configuration with a sliding cargo tray, the Pelican Cargo platform will enhance express logistics networks, enable connectivity of remote rural communities, and ensure reliable access to vital goods and supplies for areas in need.