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Quadski Amphibious Four-Wheeler ATV/Watercraft

The XL variant of the Quadski range, shares all of the standard mechanical attributes however is longer in wheel base allowing space for an additional pillion passenger. A powerful and fuel efficient BMW Motorrad K1300 engine is the driving force behind the Quadski.

source/image: Gibbs Amphibians

With this 140hp engine, the Quadski XL can reach a top speed of 45mph on both land and water,however its increased size and payload capability, opens up a whole new sector of potential utility and commercial applications.

It also offers an exclusive rectractable suspension system, making it nimble on land, though able to retract just seconds after entering water, lasting five seconds the transition.


The proprietary Gibbs jet drive is lighter and more compact than traditional marine industry water jets and provides high levels of thrust and manoeuvrability on water.The performance and comfort of the ride are the result of a lightweight composite hull, wide track and low center of gravity, which gives the Quadski XL stability on land and water.