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Radio Controlled Bell-209 AH-1F Cobra Electric Scale Helicopter


The width of this RC helicopter is around 85cm with a rotor of 2.5m and tail rotor 64cm.This is a premium scale helicopter that offers tremendous details. The main body of the helicopter is die cast metal.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

From tip-to-tail the AH-1 Cobra body displays an accuracy of detail to the real aircraft not normally seen in the RC helicopter hobby.In this video from RC MEDIA WORLD we show you this giant RC AH-1 Cobra in U.S Navy Sky Soldiers poweed by a electric engine.

Some of the smaller attached accessory pieces like the air speed sensor and missile mounts are made of plastic.This unique scale look and details stun and make it hard to see the difference to a real helicopter.


The compact mechanic is built into the engine compartment, just like on a real helicopter. Therefore it allows space for front to back scale cockpit seats.Functions such as attitude stabilization through gyro electronics, two selectable speeds and a switchable LED searchlight promise a lot of fun.//RC MEDIA WORLD

  • Model: Bell-209 AH-1F Cobra
  • Engine: Electric
  • Rotor diameter: app. 2.50 m
  • Take-off weight: app. 12 Kg
  • Pilot: Christian Neumann