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Raht Racer – The Cycling Vehicle that Allows You To Bike as Fast as a Car

Meet the Raht Racer, an intelligent hybrid personal transportation vehicle that goes as fast as a car when pedaled with typical pedal effort and cadence associated with a bicycle. Top speed – 90MPH.

source/image: Rich Kronfeld

The Raht Racer patented drivetrain technology makes the Raht the world’s first “drivable exercise machine”. Pedal resistance/feel can mimic actual terrain, or follow programmed modes/routes; pedal cadence/torque are amplified to automobile speeds.

source/image: Rich Kronfeld

The total device is an electronic exercise machine fused with an electric car that reports all user data in real time.High output pedal generator – pedals are connected to generator, not wheels .


Pedaling generates electricity that goes back into the 20-kWh electric motorlocated in the rear wheel and charges the 9.2-kWh li-ion battery pack, helping to extend its range.

That battery gets its full charge from a wall outlet, between rides. If used in throttle-only mode, in which the rider does no pedaling, it has a range of approximately 50 miles (80 km).You sit in the Raht Racer in a similar way to a recumbent,with the pedals in front of you. But the pedals don’t drive it directly, instead “pedal power is converted to electrical energy via Rahtmobile’s patent pending series hybrid flywheel generator technology”.