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Rally Car Crashes Into a Snowbank And Keeps Going To Finish 2nd Overall!!!


2017 champions Crazy Leo and co-driver Alex Kihurani roll their rally car into a snowbank, then keep going to win the class and finish 2nd overall in the race. They team also won most stages in the event, outpacing not only all other Production cars, but even Open Class rally cars.

image/text credit: Crazy Leo

The crash was caused by a setup problem, which caused snap over-steer on corner entries. Before the accident you can see Leo struggling to keep the car straight in braking zones and on turn-ins.

The video of the crash, and subsequent driving of the snow-filled car is hilarious. Crazy Leo and Kihurani have to clear snow off the dashboard with their feet, as they’re harnessed into the car.


They also battle frozen hands as they head towards the finish line.Top level rally cars are very difficult to set up, and ultimate setup is often on a knife-edge; the smallest adjustment can make the car very difficult to handle.

VIACrazy Leo
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