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How to Forge a Post-Apocalyptic Sword From a Wrench


Miller Knives took a monkey wrench and forged it into a cool sword. While the wrench’s jaw acts as a handle, the deadly curved sword is made out of the usual method of heat treatment and sharpening.Granted, a monkey wrench–or “adjustable auto wrench” in today’s parlance–is a mighty fine tool for fixing a leaky sink, tightening bolts, or clubbing a scavenging raider over the head, but it turns out that it also makes an imposing and deadly sword.

image/text credit: Miller Knives

We’ll assume that the monkey wrench in this video is made of tool steel, a variety of carbon and alloy steels known for their hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation, and ability to hold an edge. Sounds like a decent starting sword material to us!/nerdist

Though Miller Knives fast-forwards the forging process in this video, the steps are mostly there: The first 90 seconds or so feature the actual forging where the wrench is heated and hammered into shape, drawing out the shape of the blade.And it’s the grind that takes up the next minute or so of the video as the monkey wrench sword really starts to take shape.


At the three-minute mark comes the all-important quench, which hardens and then tempers the blade. The blade is then put through finishing touches–as well as an awesome display of its cutting ability–in preparation for the inevitable doomsday. It may not be the most practical melee weapon we’ve ever seen, but it certainly makes a statement!

VIAMiller Knives
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