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Raptor X Offroad Caravan Camper Trailer


The Raptor X from Hunter-Nature looks robust and eye-catching. First the ocean blue color catches the eye and then the cool rivet stitching along the aluminum body.Absolute novelty fully insulated caravans with panoramic windows.

source/image(PrtSc): Hunter Nature

The caravan is insulated with XPS and equipped with real glass panes. The BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires with independent wheel suspension and double shock absorbers make the Raptor X an off-road companion. Even smoother with the optional air suspension.

As robust as it looks from the outside, it looks just as chic on the inside. The center is a specially designed table with an integrated model designation in the frame.


You can sit on the leather-covered L-shaped bench. A narrow entrance in the rear wall of the seating area leads straight to the lower bed, which resembles a capsule. Above this single bed is the pull-out 1.50 by 1.91 meter slide-out double bed. This means that three people can sleep in the Raptor X.

VIAHunter@Nature offroad Caravan Michael Wagner
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