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Raptor XC Offroad Expandable Teardrop Camper Caravan


Dubbed as Campervan RAPTOR XC boasting a stylish exterior and featuring a long slide-out compartment, a camper trailer Easily towable by any mid-size SUV or 4×4 off-roaders,RAPTOR XC is a 15.7 feet camper trailer from German company Hunter Nature.

source/image(PrtSc): Yanko Design

Absolute novelty fully insulated caravans with panoramic windows.The sleeping area can be extended from 4.80m to a length of 6.90m, optionally available with an electric motor.The weight of the Campravan RAPTOR XC is 1260 kg.With the 102cm*158cm panoramic roof window, you have an unrestricted view of the starry sky in the sleeping area.

The electrics are controlled via a touch panel.The outer and inner walls are made of aluminum.The insulation is made with 20-40mm XPS.The seating group can also be converted into a bed 90 cm * 190 cm.The most exclusive off-road caravan that is currently available for sale has also been equipped with larger window areas on the side and in the front area of ​​the kitchen and bathroom with an arched window.


The Truma 4 CP plus is installed for heating and hot water.Alternatively, the Webasto diesel parking heater.Optionally available with air suspension.The telescopic drive works with manual extension, an electric drive with remote control is optionally available.Pictures say more than words.Further extras on request. We are official dealers of Campravan./Yanko Design

VIAYanko Design
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