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RC Motorhomes RC12M And Ariel Atom


The RC12M is built on a Volvo FH Chassis with a huge 540 horsepower turbo diesel engine. The RC12M has hall marks you would expect from an RC Motorhome, commanding no less than 4 massive slide-outs, 7 metre awning and a huge rear car garage. This all adds up to a living space normally found in a luxury apartment with superyacht interior finish.

source/image(PrtSc): RC Motorhomes

Because this is designed and built by RC Motorhomes, you are guaranteed ultimate style, space and quality. This is a true example of a luxurious motorhome blending beauty and power with an interior so vast you will forget you are in a motorhome.

Massive electronically controlled slide-outs give a sumptuous, modern living space, and bespoke options to allow you have to whatever you can dream. We listen, and nothing will be missed.


A very special feature of the RC12M is the massive garage at the rear. A garage that will hold many things. Even your sports car! The large automatic door allows a car to be winched out on ramps at the push of a button and the large side doors allow easy access to the vehicle.