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Re-Designed Jet Capsule DuePuntoZero Yacht Concept


The new re-designed Jet Capsule is equipped with twin Yanmar engines (with power possibilities from 740 hp up to 1880 hp hyper version) and can reach speeds up to 60 knts.Specifically designed for the public transportation, the Jet Capsule is Rina and CE certificated and registered upon the international IMO classification rules of “passenger boat”.

source/image(PrtSc): Lazzarini Design

The new JET CAPSULE DUEPUNTOZERO or LX (LX stays for lenght eXtra) measures 9.59 m (32 ft) long and 3.5 m (11.5ft) wide, the body structures are made with a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass hull and cabin, featuring a dual engine and dual hydro-jet system, it can be equipped with twin Yanmar diesel engines from 740 hp to 1100 hp.

In addition is possible to configure the Jet Capsule with a triple electric engine set up with 450 KW of electric power (3 x 200hp).The vessel have the possibility to operate in full electric mode with speeds up to 30 knts, docking and sailing and maneuvering in full electric mode.Also hybrid set up are now available in the new Jet Capsule line up.


On board, the craft features a protected deck and seating area which in the version without toilette can accommodates up to 20 passengers plus captain, or 16 passengers in case to install a toilet and leave a space for one wheelchair, or alternatively to be used as a baggage compartment.The new designed headlights led system, offers the possibility to adjust the light intensity and inclination.The front is also equipped with a water surface scanner in order to prevent debris.The main layouts available can offer various accommodation situation from 10 for the leisure versions up to 20 passengers for transportation versions./ Lazzarini Design