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Replacing Bicycle Wheels With Running Slippers


Youtube engineer Sergii Gordieiev of The Q has just delivered his latest bizarre creation, and this time it’s unlike any of his others.The creator has just designed a bicycle that rides on slippers.Instead of tubes and tires, this bike comes with 14 slippers.

source.image: The Q

The Q as he marks out, renders, bends, welds, and finally builds the wheels made of shoes, and needless to say, the whole process is mesmerizing. Although there’s no voice-over explanation for the build, it doesn’t matter—the only thing viewers really want to know is how this bad boy handles.Watch the video from The Q:

He welded 14 paddles onto his bicycle wheels so that he could attach yellow house slippers with a Jake the Dog from Adventure Time log on the top. Once he attaches the makeshift wheels to the frame of his bike, he kicks up his slipper and slides it onto one of the metal prongs.


In today’s video, I will show you short instructions for making a unique bicycle with running shoes instead of wheels!The altered bicycle seemed to ride rather well and emitted the comforting sound of the slippers repeatedly hitting the ground.