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Restored 1938 Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle

Join Irv Byers as he shows off his restored 1938 Indian Chief motorcycle. His brother bought it in 1940 from a Rockford, Il dealer and its stayed in the family ever since.

source/image: ClassicRecollections

This vintage cruiser wears its factory Apache Blue and Navejo Grey paint option which was a one year only feature.The 1938 Indian Chief is part of this family since then. His brother rode this motorcycle happily till the late 50’s then put it into a storage.

Designed by Charles B. Franklin, the Chief had design features similar to Franklin’s earlier Scout, including the gearbox bolted to the engine casings and primary drive by gear train.


The Chief had a bore of 3 1⁄8 inches and a stroke of 3 31⁄32 inches (101 mm), giving a displacement of 61 cubic inches, as the Powerplus/Standard had. Unlike the Powerplus/Standard, the Chief was not offered with rear suspension.