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Restored El Chico VW Bug Gooseneck Trailer


A couple years ago we found the El Chico Gooseneck trailer that was manufactured by International Travel Trailer Inc. Since then many people have asked us what we did with it. We were asked about the hitch and if we had any interior videos or photos.We sold our trailer to Oklahoma Bugs shortly after we bought it but about 2 years ago another trailer surfaced in Colorado fully restored with a matching VW Bug tow vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): Volkswear

This past weekend we traveled to Colorado to see this trailer in person and get you guys some more video of this restored Gooseneck Trailer. The trailer was built by a company called International Travel Trailer, and the model was the El Chico, and was intended for use with a number of small cars of the era.

A full video of that one, with never before seen interior shots, came out last March on the Volkswear YouTube channel.This particular 5th wheel camper has a full bathroom, kitchen, closet space, and it can even sleep up to 4 adults!And the weight is perfectly distributed to the vehicle with 360-degree turning capacity.


In the inside right in front of the entrance is the wet bathroom, with a toilet and a full-size shower.There’s a two-person comfy-looking bed in the cabover area, with the kitchenette at the feet of it.You have a small fridge opposite the kitchenette.The living area includes a wrap-around couch with a table in the middle. Put the table down and you’ve got yourself another sleeping area.