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The RETESA 850CF 10-Axle 850 Cubic Foot Pneumatic TRAIN

Western Truck & Trailer Sales are a proud to present the RETESA 10-AXLE 850 CUBIC FOOT PNEUMATIC TRAIN.Built with high-grade Aluminum the RETESA PNEUMATIC TRAIN features single 850 cubic foot Compartments for a total capacity of 1700 Cubic Feet.

source/image(PrtSc): Western Truck & Trailer Sales

Usually made to haul fly ash and cement the larger hopper gives this train the versatility to haul lighter materials and the lightweight construction gives greater payloads and great profits.

All axles, including the dolly is on Hendrickson Intraxx air ride suspension and Michelin Tires mounted on Polished Aluminum Wheels.


Other standard equipment on these trailers include:

  • Solimar Fluidizers with 16 inch swing away gravity drop gates.
  • TWO 20 inch Knappco aluminum cast manholes per trailer
  • 5” Discharge Lines
  • Bayco 15 psi mechanical relief valves
  • LED Trailer Lights and LED Area work lights
  • Liquid Filled Gauges in secure lighted box
  • TWO 8 inch Stainless Steel Hose Tubes
  • Jost Landing Legs and Turntable
  • Front & Rear Aluminum Fenders plus ½ fenders on the turntable dolly