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Retired Couple’s Sustainable And Off Grid Earthship


You’re about to embark on a fascinating tour with Paul and Pat in their unique Earthship, a home that symbolizes their dedication to energy-efficient living. This eco-friendly sanctuary is built from recycled materials like rubber tires, tin cans, and glass bottles.Step into “Earth’s Nest,” a structure that epitomizes long-term sustainability and can be extended as needed. The home features adobe-colored concrete floors and darker walls, specifically designed to absorb and retain heat.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Thermal windows and “warm windows” curtains effectively conserve energy.In the heart of their Earthship, you’ll find a living area centered around a hand-built fireplace. This cozy space, showing signs of loving use, is adorned with hand-rot ironwork and a natural, rustic aesthetic.Paul will recount his transition from the Marine Corps to California and eventually to building an Earthship.

Pat’s path, from suburban life to joining an intentional community, shaped her vision for a sustainable lifestyle.Discover their kitchen, designed to be both compact and functional, complete with a 24-inch wide stove and tailor-made cabinets. Notice the adjustable storage and a cutting board with a removable tray. A unique touch is a 100-year-old necklace from Pat’s grandmother, a focal point in the kitchen.The bedroom, though small, is filled with warmth and character.


Handcrafted elements, like the headboard made from a repurposed door, and unique paintings add charm to the intimate space.In the bathroom, you’ll see walls built with 15-inch diameter rim tires, forming a curve typical of Earthship design. The custom-made solid surface countertop and standard tiles enhance the room’s aesthetics, while a separate toilet alcove maintains hygiene and comfort.