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T-Omega Floating Wind Turbine Concept


T-Omega Wind is radically redesigning offshore wind turbines. Most offshore wind turbines adopt land-based structures. T-Omega Wind takes advantage of being on the water, rather than fighting it. Recognizing that weight drives cost and manufacturability, we designed a floating platform that is significantly lighter than standard designs.

source.image: T-Omega Wind Inc

We have completed wave tank tests of a 1:60 scale prototype and are seeking funding to develop our commercial-scale product.By redesigning the wind turbine specifically for ocean use, T-Omega Wind (TOW) can overcome three problems with existing technology: (1) high cost, (2) inability to deploy in the deep water that is typical across the globe, and (3) crippling supply-chain/manufacturing bottlenecks that impede deployment.

The TOW system floats in shallow or deep water, rides on top of the waves rather than resisting them, resists wave-induced motions with a rotor held firmly on both sides, and aligns to the wind by weathervaning. While using a standard horizontal-axis rotor, it eliminates a large percentage of material cost for the support structure and platform.


It is suitable for manufacture in modest boatyards across the globe, can be rapidly towed (enabling maintenance at port rather than at sea), and functions in a large range of water depths, doubling the offshore wind resource in the U.S. The inherent deployability of the system opens untapped markets, expanding the worldwide supply of affordable clean energy.read more: T-Omega Wind Inc