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Retired Woman Builds Her Own Tiny House for Affordable Living

Brigitte is an inspiring woman with a wonderful outlook on life. She built herself a tiny house with the help of a contractor and she has been living in it full-time for 5 years. She’s a retired teacher who now grows and preserves a lot of her own fruits and vegetables, she carries her water into the house by hand, she gets around with an electric bike rather than a car, and she makes time for volunteering, book club, learning piano, friends and family, meditation, and more!/Exploring Alternatives

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The advantages of living in a tiny house, including her low cost of living, far outweigh any challenges she has faced. In fact, what an average person might see as a challenge, Brigitte finds a way to turn it into a positive.

For example, shovelling snow to walk to the toilet in the morning is an opportunity for fresh air and exercise rather than an unpleasant part of daily life.Although she currently has a loft, her seating area can be converted into a bed if she ever decides she doesn’t want to use the ladder anymore.


Living in a tiny house as a retired woman hasn’t limited her ability to enjoy her life, either. She’s got a beautiful garden, she’s an active part of her community, and she’s one of the happiest people we’ve ever met.