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Riding With New Orleans’s All-Female Motorcycle Club – The “Caramel Curves”

They’re bold, chic, and they can shred the streets of New Orleans in a pair of stilettos. Meet the Caramel Curves, an all-female motorcycle club focused on empowering and uplifting women. After feeling removed from the culture of all-male bike clubs, co-founders Tru and Coco got together to start their own movement.

image/text credit: Great Big Story

Five-inch heels, fuchsia bikes, the occasional pink-mohawked helmet: New Orleans’s first all-female motorcycle club, Caramel Curves, isn’t your typical biker gang.Now, every time they ride, the Caramel Curves demand respect, standing as a role model for girls everywhere.

The club was started by — who else? — Caramel, in 2005, as the counterpart to a men’s club. The group almost went under that year, after Hurricane Katrina wracked the city. But in 2008, they registered as an official motorcycle club — independent of any men’s organization.


They’ve created a community that encourages confidence, camaraderie, popping wheelies, and getting very creative when painting your preferred mode of transportation. The only rules: You have to be a woman and own a motorcycle to join.