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Dinosaurs In The Civil War? Did soldiers Shoot Down a “Pterodactyl” During The Civil War

Did soldiers shoot down a dinosaur during the civil war in this photograph of a Pteranodon?In what is an alledgedly historical photograph, civil war soldiers are standing over the body of a Pteranodon.

source: Strange Mysteries / image: wikia

The thing is, Pteranodons are prehistoric birds from the age of the dinosaurs…and they were supposed to have gone extinct a very long time ago.

There’s something very interesting about this photo. When you compare the head of the bird to that of a Pteranodon’s bones from a museum, you notice that the anatomy and shape of both heads match!


This means that if this was a fake, they either did a VERY good job and really knew what a Pteranodon looked like or there is a degree of authenticity to the photo….maybe they actually caught one.

source: Strange Mysteries

The thing is, if this was taken during the civil war…they would have had no idea what a Pteranodon looked like…so they couldn’t have made a replica of one…especially one that looked anatomically perfect to what a real one would have looked like.

But who really knows as to this photo’s authenticity…I mean…there are other dinosaur like creatures our ancestors seemed to somehow know about…dragons for example are popular in folklore around the world.Is this photo real or faked in some way? Why do you think so?