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Rolloe Air Purifying Bicycle Wheel Concept Filters Air As Your Ride

Rolloe is a bicycle wheel that filters outdoor air pollution simply using the rider’s motion. Not only do riders get clean air, they create new lungs for their urban city. Rolloe is the winner of Design Innovation in Polymer 2020 Award.

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How does it work? Pretty simple really. As the bicycle wheel rotates, air is pulled in, passed through a set of filters, and expelled out purified into the environment.Rolloe wheels would work great in polluted roadways. Including the filter, the bike should not weigh more than one kilogram.

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It requires zero energy to function, simply ride your bike, it’ll purify the air around using its washable filters. Sustainability the core mantra at Rolloe, so it makes sense that the filters should be reusable.


Through a pick up/mail in service, used filters are sent back to Rolloe for washing while clean filters are swapped in. Working with external agencies, captured pollutants can be reused into new products such as construction material.

source/image(PrtSc): rolloeair

Rolloe wheel uses three types of filters for maximum efficiency: Loofa sponge for large particles, HEPA for PM2.5 particles, and activated carbon for gas molecules, VOCs and odors. This would make it suitable for pollutants like PM10-2.5, Ozone O3, CO2 and NO2. The filter should be changed once a week or every 250 kms.via/read more: rolloeair