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Rudge Whitworth Ulster Grand Prix 1930 500cc One Cylinder


This bike is very fast and light. The magneto was recently overhauled. It is a respectful machine is ready for the next race.Rudge is a well-known name when it comes to fast road and race bikes. We have researched in the past.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

According to the starting numbers, the machine took part in the 1998 Klausen race in Switzerland. The driver was Schwarz Kurt from Switzerland. In the start list, the motorcycle will appear as ex. Schneider machine, former Swiss racing driver described.

Rudge-Whitworth’s last production racing motorcycle was named after Graham Walker’s 1928 race win in the Ulster Grand Prix, only the second time a road race had been won at over 80 mph (130 km/h).Originally developed as a racing prototype, the production model was essentially a race replica.


Various modifications and improvements were made over the ten years of production. Early models had a ‘pent roof’ four-valve head, with two pairs of valves operating on parallel slopes like a ‘pitched roof’, which was replaced in 1932 with a radial four-valve head and an option of a foot-operated gear change. This foot pedal operated both the front and rear brakes, with a hand lever also operating the front brake. With a top speed of over 90 mph (140 km/h), the Rudge Ulster was advertised as “probably the fastest 500cc motorcycle in production”.