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Innovative Building Inflatable Concrete Homes System


New York based startup Automatic Construction has invented a new technique called Inflatable Flexible Factory Formwork , which uses an air pump and compressor to build homes by filling cement into a balloon-like structure. The structures are made of flexible plastic fabrics with reinforcement and internal 3d structures.

source.image: Alex Bell

Air pumps are used to support the building during casting,local ready mix concrete, air crete, sustainable cement and other pumpable building materials are used.The forms stay in place providing built in waterproofing and an airtight barrier for unparalleled heating/cooling performance.

Two structures are inflated: the internal or shoring structure, which supports the weight of the roof, and the external structure that receives the concrete.The results look identical to conventional. Flat walls covered in traditional facade and interior walls with drywall. Mechanicals are installed in built in chases.The forms are built to the client’s specifications. We can currently support 2-inch, 4-inch, and 8-inch cast walls/slab.


The forms include two chambers, one for shoring during casting and one for concrete. Air and concrete pumps erect structures in mins instead of months.Air tight buildings reduce the main source of building emissions + zero jobsite waste and sustainable cement.Automatic Construction uses the same reinforcement, same concrete mixes and same structures as existing buildings.