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Xpeng Land Aircraft Carrier And Six Rotor Flying Car


The Land Aircraft Carrier is a unique hybrid truck equipped with six wheel drive and a helicopter style aircraft or pod that can be deployed from the vehicle’s boot. Xpeng Aeroht has designed this vehicle with a focus on mountain rescue and potential use by emergency services.

source.image: Global Update

The six wheel drive and rear wheel steering configuration along with three separate axles maximize the SUV’s carrying capacity and off road capabilities. The flying pod of the Land Aircraft Carrier can also operate autonomously, providing an accessible flying experience.

source.image: Global Update

The ground module of the modular flying car accommodates 4-5 passengers and features an extended-range hybrid power system that can provide multiple recharges for the air module. The vehicle is designed with a three-axle, six-wheel configuration, enabling 6×6 all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering, offering impressive carrying capacity and off-road capabilities.


Though the final design is still in development, it already boasts a futuristic, cyber-mechanical aesthetic, characterized by sharp lines and sleek surfaces, reminiscent of a “lunar exploration vehicle.”

The air module is a fully electric piloted aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and low-altitude flight. The product employs a distributed electric propulsion system to meet single-point failure safety requirements. It supports both manual and automatic driving modes, providing an accessible flying experience. The 270° panoramic two-person cockpit offers a vast field of view.

SOURCEGlobal Update
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