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Scalevo Electric Powered Stairclimbing Wheelchair

The Scalevo wheelchair is a student project started in Summer 2014 at ETH Zurich ETHZ.The wheelchair is electric powered and balances on two wheels while driving on even ground.

source/image: Scewo

To climb and descend stairs or overcome bigger obstacles a set of tracks can be lowered dynamically to keep the user level at all times.The driving speed on the stairs and balancing on the ground demonstrated in the video will be increased after further testing.

The Scewo wheelchair is the second iteration of the original Scalevo project.It is still a demonstration prototype and under active development. The wheelchair is not for sale yet. But let’s see what we can already do and how we climb stairs!The chair allows disabled people to easily reaching a location that previously would have been inaccessible.


The Scalevo wheelchair can turn on spot and is very agile while driving around. Stairs are climbed up sitting backward and driven down in the forward position. The tracks adapt to the angle of the stair automatically and keep the user level at all times. The tracks are released from the underside of the seat and are made from rubber so they can properly grip the ground surface below.