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Scandinavian-Style Tiny Home In The Wilderness Of Tasmania


This weeks episode takes us to the spectacular wilderness of Tasmania where we visit a stunning, Scandinavian-style, off-the-grid tiny home on wheels. Here, Anna has built her dream home. Originally from Sweden, her tiny home is filled with beautiful elements of Scandinavian design which help to make the home feel snug and cosy.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

The single level design is open and makes the tiny footprint of the home feel expansive and the style works perfectly set amongst the wild backdrop of the Tasmanian forest. Completely off-the-grid, the roofline of the home is dominated with solar panels.

Batteries and a back-up generator ensure she always has enough power, even in the depths of the Tasmanian winter, where the light of the day drops below the towering tree-line. Ample water storage, collected from the roof is carefully monitored during the dry months and a wood-stove insures the home is always warm.


For Anna, this isn’t just a home, it’s an adventure. Here, she has been learning to live off-the-grid, connect with nature and the elements and branch out into growing fruit and vegetables on her tiny homestead. Beyond that, the home has helped to provide her with financial freedom and security for her up-coming retirement.